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Sparkle and shine...

This journal is friends only.

 And this journal is abandoned.

 I don't friend anybody I don't know in real life and there really aren't any posts in my journal anyway. 
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Lolita Wishlist:
I am interested in JSKs or Ops with partial or full shirring in the following prints in the colors:  Lavender, Yellow, Sax, (NO Black!):

 Angelic Pretty:

 Jewelry Jelly (Lavender Only)
 Rose Toilette (Pink or Mint)
 Cherry Berry Bunny  (Yellow ONLY)
 Tiara Rose (Lavender ONLY)
 Dreaming Macaroon - (Yellow ONLY)
 Pastel Fairy
 Fruits Parlor (Mint ONLY)
 Mermaid Symphony
 Twinkle Mermaid

 Shizuka no Rococo (Lavender OP ONLY)

 Sweets Time

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☆ Feedback for all LJ sales goes here. ☆
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000 Cloth
000 DIY Kits
000 Embroidery Machines
000 Lace
000 Machine Parts, Needles
000 Needle / wire / scissors / ruler / DIY Tools
000 Ribbon/Rope/Buttons/Lace/Velcro/Elastic/Zipper/Beads etc
000 Sewing Machines
66bxj - Fabrics, Lace, findings
Apinbu - Vera Bradly Fabrics
butterfly flower - ;ace and trims
Cloth Rabbit - Vera Bradly Fabrics
Clothink - Vintage Styled Fabrics
Cotton Bedding fabrics - silk Angel Ya Ya children stores - Lynx Tmall.com
Cotton-blueskyprosperity Princess Pavilion - Taobao
DIY - Ribbon
DuoDuo - Designer and fashion fabrics
Fabric - Cute fabrics and lace
fashion shop - good lace
Felt Cake Kits
Flowers Lace - More net laces
Gorgeous Florals
Hendagougou - net laces etc
Hey - Girl More whole sale laces
huahua cloth art museum - prints
Huan Huan - Fabrics and Lace
Japanese print fabric pre-orders
Jie - Bulk Elastics
Lace Home
Laces - Lots of Lace~
Leather Store
Leisure Heart - Chiffon, swiss dot etc, all very cute
Lemon Grass Tea - wholesale. Retail Embroidred lace
Maomao - Chiffons and border prints
Mei Li Bu - Chiffons, prints and swiss dot
Miss Cherry - Cute cottons
Nami - Cute fabrics, lots of strawberries
New Green HK - Lace
Only B-Cloth - Cute prints
Popo House - Fabrics
Return To the 18th Century - Great Loli prints
ShowJin - County Chic type fabrics
Sister Dear - Floralfabrics, Bedding
Snow Party - Prints, Japanese fabrics
Square vineyard - Laces and Fabrics
sunny shop - net laces and more
Super Japanese Lace Shop
Sweet Rainbow - Good Florals
Tang Long Lace - Wholesale Laces
Waimaobu - Childrens fabrics (sugar bunnies)
White Blue Emily - Lace
WJY - Bulk Ribbon
Xiaoxiao Qin - cute prints
YaoYao DIY - Fabrics and notions
Yaya - Huge net lace selection
ZOT- mesh laces etc
ZYXP - Florals and other Prints
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Please see my master list over on EGL:
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Start Time:
Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Friday, July 24, 2009 at 1:00am
The Stage Door, Tucker, GA
4431 Hugh Howell Road


To celebrate my new state of being single and because I absolutely love drag queens we are heading to The Stage Door! Anybody who loves me or loves drag queens is welcome to join us! We're going to have a blast!

If you are going to be in the Atlanta area please come join us!

Just remember you have to be 18+ to join us!

RSVP on Facebook!

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Going home until Thursday. Probably can't get online because there's no internet. TTYL~~
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May 6, 2006
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Jun 24, 2006
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